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I Feel Like Eating You Today

Single-channel video, 38 min, 2020

I wrote a web novel, which discusses the main issues and concerns of our team, such as a critique of speciesism and technology-saturated capitalism. My novel was published in Kakaopage, a major web entertainment company in Korea, and inspired a series of secondary creations including manga and animations that brought the text to life and created a spectacle. This shows how the rapidly growing web entertainment industry works in Korea, and how discourse is swallowed when it meets entertainment.

In our team project, 2 other artists have done video works based on Youtube and Instagram respectively, and an art historian made an artbook about our team project. I was responsible for this whole Web-novel text-based project. My role included coming up with the initial idea, planning the whole process, contacting the online platform, gaining a publisher license to publish my e-book, writing the whole novel, contacting cover illustrators, cartoonists, and animators to direct the secondary creations, and creating the showcase for this work. At the end of the show, there was a book signing performance at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea.

(Part of a Team Project, "The Duck Among Us" sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea)

Director of Photography: Mankeun Jeong

Director of Photography: Kim Kyungtae

Second Camera Operator: Mankeun Jeong

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